(1) Tim just received this card from an Exquisite redemption ('06 SPx): 1 OF 1 Cal Ripken Jr Game-Worn!
(2) Rob holds up his 1 OF 1 Cal Ripken Jr. "Iron Man" card from 07 SPx!
(3) Don Jr. bugs out over his Derek Jeter, triple swatch, autographed #'d to 10 card from 07 SPx!
(all from July 2007)
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"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."
that this is one sweet pull!

Congratulations to Mr. J of Alto who pulled a 1 OF 1 "Declaration of
Independence" Cut Signature card from 2006 Topps Baseball! The
card -- a true one-of-a-kind -- features an authentic signature of Lymon
Hall -- one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence!

Past year's Topps has inserted signatures of U.S. Presidents, World
Figures and other rare 1 OF 1 cards, but most people never see these
rare gems!  Congrats!   (Feb 2006)
3 Great Card Pulls -- What's the Odds?

Ben Roethlisberger Rookie of the Year Autograph #21/25
Ben Roethlisberger Rookie of the Year Autograph #22/25
Ben Roethlisberger Rookie of the Year Autograph #23/25

We've had lots of great cards pulled from our packs, but few
stories are as unbelievable as this.  Ben Roethlisberger ROY
Autograph from 2004 Playoff Contenders Football -- Three of the
25 cards in existence have been pulled by Rookies customers!  
(Dec 2004)
Congratulations James, Ken and Jason!
Luckiest Customer Ever.

One upon a time, Nick (aka "Lucky") stopped out to Rookies to open some
basketball packs. He's been lucky in the past, but little did we know what
would be in store for us...

Round One: Nick opens some packs including 05-06 Topps First Row
Basketball. From that pack he pulls a 1 OF 1 Shaquille O'Neal Autographed
Printer's Plate! Holy cow! "That's the pull of the month!" So far, at least...

Round Two: Feeling particularly lucky after that hit, Nick decides to buy a box
of 05-06 UD Portraits Basketball. Right from the start it looked good, the
autographed 8x10 (one per pack) was Chauncey Billups! Now, for most of
us that would have been good enough. Not for Nick...

Also in the same box was a Timeless Tens Redemption card. Sending this
in to Upper Deck will get him an 8x10 card with TEN SUPERSTAR
AUTOGRAPHS: Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Isiah Thomas, Bill
Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, John Stockton, Dennis Rodman, Scottie
Pippen and Hakeem Olajuwan. Oh, and there are only 3 of these cards

Congrats, Nick! Next time, leave something for the rest of us!  (April 2006)
Quad Autograph Pulled!
One of Our Very Best Pulls Ever!
Kami kept asking Tony if she should buy a $50 pack of cards.  She knew there was
an autograph card guaranteed... but would it be a good player?  Long pause.  "I'm
doing it!"    Good thing!

Kami, Tony and lil' Tony are now the proud owners of a 1 OF 1 "4,000 Yard Club"
QUAD Autograph from '07 SP Chirography Football!  
Four autographs on this puppy:  
Peyton Manning!  Drew Brees!  Marc Bulger!  Steve Young!
 Congratulations!  We're
all jealous of your luck!                                                             (Feb 2008)
Lucky Pulls!
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Two "Historical Campaign" Cut
Signature cards pulled by one
John G. has bought his Topps Baseball from us for years -- Sorting
the cards into complete sets for the grandkids.  He often pulls
bonus cards like autographs or memorabilia but never anything like
One of these one-of-a-kind cards (featuring two cut signatures
of historical presidential candidate rivals) would have been good
enough... but two!?  
Two!?  It's true!

From his four boxes of 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball he pulled
Charles W. Fairbanks and Alton Parker (1904) and Harry S.
and Thomas E. Dewey (1948) cut signature cards!
Congratulations John!                                                          (May 2008)
The summer of 2009 we had 3 monthly drawings and gave
away great prizes donated by Major League Baseball
including Miguel Cabrera jerseys by Majestic, autographed
8x10's of Tigers Inge, Verlander and Granderson and more!  
Here's a look at some of the winners!
Nick P. (left) shows off his loot he won from Drawing #1 (6/13/09) including a Brandon Inge
autograph and Cabrera jersey that fit perfectly!

Nick P. (again!) with Mason (right) show off the swag they won in Drawing #2 (7/18/09) including
a Granderson Autograph 8x10 and a Cabrera jersey.

Nick P. (left) won the Justin Verlander autographed 8x10... completing his set of ALL THREE
AUTOGRAPHS that he won!  What are the odds of that!?  Jeremy (middle) shows off the 2008
Upper Deck Factory Set he won.  Nick C. (right) won the third Cabrera jersey.

Thank you to everyone that participated!                                                                              (Aug 2009)