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Kenardo gains the Power of Thor for a
few mischievous moments...
A crew from Rookies checked out
Chicago Comic Con 2009!
Click here for some pics of our
346 Wooden Nickels!?

Yes, it's true!  Here's Matt (a.k.a. "WonderBoy") pictured with
the 346 Wooden Nickels he brought back to Rookies to
redeem.  It got him $173 worth of stuff for FREE (just for being
a great customer!).   Thanks, Matt!
                                                                          (April 2009)
A Rookies Wooden Nickel Redemption Record Is Made!

It was Black Friday 2013 and Tom had decided it was time to redeem his massive collection of Wooden
1,010... $505 worth!  As luck would have it, Dave (the former record holder of 415) was also on
hand to witness his record being shattered.                                                                                (Nov 29, 2013)