Runs through October!

Daily Winners!
Pull the “Player of the Day” or one of the Wild Card Players from any pack of 2018 Panini NFL (Prestige,
Elite, Score, Donruss, etc.) and win a Panini Promo Pack and get put into the weekly drawing.

Weekly Winners!
4 weekly winners (drawn from the daily winners) will each receive a $10 Rookies
Gift Certificate, a Player of the Day T-Shirt, NFL sticker book, and
entry into the End of the Month Prize Drawing!

End of the Month Winner!
At the end of the month we will randomly draw from our 4 Weekly Winners.
That person will receive an exclusive Autographed Panini Card and be entered into the National
Sweepstakes, which will give them the chance of winning one of the following:

Grand Prize (1): Spend a day with an NFL player!  Includes a 60-minute autograph session and
$250.00 shopping spree for NFL licensed product at the hobby shop at which the winner entered the
promotion; and a 60-minute visit by the player to the home of the winner.

First Prize (10): Autographed NFL collectible

Second Prize (50): Autographed trading card.

Winner Week #1 (10/1-10/7):  Dave Miller
Winner Week #2 (10/8-10/14):  Charlie Boom
Winner Week #3 (10/15-10/21):  Michael Jordan
Winner Week #4 (10/22-10/31): Scott Slaught

End of Month Winner:
Charlie Boom!